Market analysis & Market research

One of the most critical sections of your business is your market analysis. Find out just what information you need to know about your potential customers

Minimise the risks of entering a new market by utilizing a market study! We provide a wide range of integrated market research including:

Location Analysis

Market Potential Analysis

Competition Analysis

Industry Reports

Product Range Analysis

Price Analysis


Advising & Consulting

Our consulting services are administered by the most experienced and successful business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, managers, legal experts, advisors, and more, all dedicated to one mission: supporting growth and prosperity for your business.


Visa services

Norwegian Iranian Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Iranian and Norwegian Embassy, offer members efficient assistance in obtaining business visas.




Business Delegation

Explore opportunities abroad within the framework of a delegation. Let us make your stay a success! The following services are offered by us to visiting delegations:

Domestic travel arrangements

Intercity travel (booking of flights or coaches)

Transport arrangements within cities

Understanding profile and requirements of each company in the delegation

Assessing the conditions of the target market related to each companie’s products/services

Identification and invitation of potential business partners by mailings and phone calls

Fixing appointments

Organising venue for One-to-One buyer-seller meetings

Arranging interpreters, if necessary

Complete management and co-ordination of buyer-seller meetings on the


Organizing Workshops (Seminars, Conferences and other events)

Organization of promotional events such as:




Dinner events

Organization of city sightseeing tours

Organization of factory visits

Preparation and Management of buyer-seller meetings



HR Recruitment Services

One of the most important factors of running a successful business in IRAN is the acquisition of qualified local staff. The success of your offshore venture will depend strongly on avoiding the costly mistake of employing the wrong people. However, finding the right employees is not an easy task, especially considering the high expectations of Norwegian companies.


Marketing Services

Our Marketing Services comprise the following:

Design Services
We realise effective promotion and brand communication of your organization

The Norwegian Iranian Chamber of Commerce offers various media channels for you to advertise

Events & Seminars
We organise corporate events for you, from organising a workshop to managing a product launch

Exhibition and Sponsorship
You will find a range of events of the Norwegian Iranian Chamber of Commerce that provide great promotion opportunities for you We will enhance your publicity on the local market!


Press & PR

Press information Forward/Communicate your company’s news to key press audiences

Press conference Interact with the media

This service would include

Consulting on target media, format and message

Organisation of Press conference programme, Moderator

Acquisition and organization of suitable venue, audio/visual arrangements and manpower at the event

Preparation and couriering of invitations including follow-up



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